Cross compensation

Cross compensation is a very quick and effective way of claims' collection. Besides that they offer also cashing-in of claims that could not be cashed by factoring.

What is cross compensation

In the Interfinance company we collect the claims with s.c. closing-the-claims technique also named the cross compensation. The overdue claims to buyers – legal entities – are liquidised in the manner that through their claims we look for other business entities who are prepared to settle their liabilities to their suppliers. The majority of inter-organisational relations among companies are constant, often we look for new cross relations demanding time as well as knowledge of interorganisational business operations.

Advantages of chain compensation

  • quick and efficient claims collection
  • increase of company liquidity
  • possibility of repayment of liabilities with discount
  • lowering of debt
  • improvement of credit rating
  • assuring the working capital

How compensation works

Kako delujejo kompenzacije


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