International factoring

Foreign companies collect claims in Slovenia, Slovenian companies abroad.

What is international factoring

International factoring is factoring when one of the clients is abroad. There are export factoring and import factoring. In the case when the claims' seller is a foreign legal subject, his buyer a Slovenian company import factoring is prepared. In case where the seller is a home legal subject, his buyer being a foreign company, we organise export factoring.

How the international factoring works

  • you sell service or product and issue an invoice,
  • you prepare a list of claims - buyers that are interesting for sell-off. Slovenian companies prepare a list of foreign buyers (export factoring) for sell-off, foreign companies a list of Slovenian buyers (import factoring).
  • preparation of contract and contract documentation,
  • claims should be handed to transferee, t.i. the Interfinance company.
  • financing with reservation of funds,
  • the buyer settles the liabilities to the transferee of the claim on the day when the payment is due, the transferee makes the final assessment based on reservation of funds.

Advantages of international factoring

  • obtaining and monitoring the credit rate assessments of buyers home and abroad,
  • quick increase of liquidity,
  • lower costs due to management of claims or recovering of debts.
  • increased competitiveness in the area of payment conditions.


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